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Bidding & Contract Requirements

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Owner - Charles Brown: 1943 North Broad Street, Galesburg, Illinois 61401; voice at 309-335-2259, email at charles.brown@motorola.com.

Construction Manager - Courtice|Grason: 9 North Hamilton, Sullivan, Illinois 61951; voice at 217-728-4860, fax at 217-728-2697, email at inspection@courticegrason.com.

Design Engineer - Courtice|Grason: 9 North Hamilton, Sullivan, Illinois 61951; voice at 217-728-4860, fax at 217-728-2697, email at environmental@courticegrason.com.

Asbestos Project Management - Courtice|Grason: 9 North Hamilton, Sullivan, Illinois 61951; voice at 217-254-4988, fax at 217-728-2697, email at courtice@courticegrason.com.

Charles Brown, owner and operator of 56/64 North Prairie Street in Galesburg, Illinois, will receive proposals for the asbestos abatement and asbestos decontamination of 56/64 North Prairie. Generally, this project consists of the asbestos decontamination and asbestos abatement of several areas including but not limited to exterior areas, the basement, a portion of a tunnel system, and the first floor area of the building. Areas requiring decontamination and asbestos have been impacted by fire damage and/or partial collapse of the structure at the site and require caution when inside the building or basement/tunnel areas . The asbestos contract portion of this project is titled Site Decontamination and Asbestos Abatement Work - Charles Brown Property; 56/64 North Prairie Street, Galesburg, Illinois. Structural and architectural put-back work will be the responsibility of the Owner's Demolition and Remodeling Contractors, so coordination with other contractors in execution of the asbestos abatement work will be required.

Project proposal documents include: 1) advertisement for proposals (this sheet), 2) a scope of work, and 3) plan drawings numbered G1, ASB1, ASB2, and ASB3, all dated March 20, 2008. Proposals will be received at the Owner's address listed above on or before the Close of Business on April 11, 2008.

Insurance Requirements - The following shall be listed as Additional Insureds on the Asbestos Contractor's Certificate of Liability Insurance: 1) Charles Brown, 2) the Owner's Demolition Contractor, 3) the Owner's Remodeling Contractor, and 4) Courtice|Grason.

Wage Determinations - Not less than the prevailing hourly wage, as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor for Knox County, shall be paid for any part of the work, or, if applicable, not less than the City of Galesburg's Prevailing Wage Ordinance in effect at the time of the work insofar as it may apply.

Proposal Documents - Proposal documents are available from the Construction Manager. Please note that Bid Bonds are not required, and bidders shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment for this work because of race, color, creed, or national origin. The contractor awarded the work shall furnish a Performance Bond and a Labor & Material Payment Bond each in an amount equal to 100% of the contract price. The bonds shall be delivered to the Construction Manager prior to the successful contractor being issued the Notice to Proceed.

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