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Traditional Environmental Consulting

Courtice|Grason has significant experience and varied backgrounds in the sectors of waste management, sample collection, sample preparation, indoor air quality, underground storage tank remediation, and research-based environmental assessments. Our Project Managers undergo the necessary drug screening, occupational physicals, and yearly refresher training required by environmental regulations and professional standards of practice.

Demolition Support:
In the commercial sector, Courtice|Grason provides demolition consulting and supports facility decommissioning activities for building owners and the real estate industry. The principle of the company has established a proven track record of meeting and exceeding commercial and operational goals on large scale projects. Courtice|Grason's knowledge of scrap management and sales adds value and quality to most projects.

Underground Storage Tank Remediation:
If your organization plans to install new underground storage tanks or remove existing ones, Courtice|Grason can help. With licensed engineers and HAZWOPER-trained personnel, Project Managers can design affordable installations or removals and provide onsite observation of soil sampling during remediation. Should the need arise, Courtice|Grason can devise corrective-action work plans consistent with applicable regulatory statues or codes.

Waste Management:
Equipped with HAZWOPER training as required by the US Department of Transportation, Courtice|Grason can help organizations comply with environmental health and safety standards for the acquisition, transportation, storage, and use of hazardous waste and materials.

Environmental Site Assessment:
Planning to acquire new property? Consider Courtice|Grason's history-based research for performing environmental site assessments. An assessment exhibits your organization's due diligence for inheriting potential environmental liabilities. All tiered phases of environmental assessment can be performed, as well as enrollment of a property into the Illinois Site Remediation Program.

Occupational Monitoring and Assessment

Courtice|Grason is aware of the general principles and methods involved in controlling occupational hazards. Our commitment to safety is unparalleled in the consulting-engineering industry. With backgrounds in mining, manufacturing, and industrial hygiene, we provide a framework of experience helpful in resolving Notices of Violations or Occupational Safety and Health Administration allegations of unsafe work practices. Furthermore, we respond with a positive and forthright dialogue in the preparation of compliance commitment agreements or agency recommended exposure monitoring.
  • Occupational Assessment
  • Active and Passive Monitoring
  • Safe Load Calculations
  • Toxic Atmosphere Testing
  • Confined Space Evaluations
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Hearing Conservation Programs
  • Hazard Communication Training
  • NPDES Permitting
  • MSDS Accountability
Safety Engineering:
In Safety Engineering, Courtice|Grason has implemented safety and industrial hygiene programs at various facilities, including an 800 person heating and air conditioning manufacturing plant. With the aid of one of our Project Managers, a 47% decrease in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recordable accident rate was achieved at a manufacturing facility in Alton, Illinois.

In Heavy Industry:
The Project Managers at Courtice|Grason have varied skill sets. Our experience ranges from establishing a functioning hearing conservation program in the oil & gas transmission industry to evaluating threshold noise levels in office settings. Our industrial hygienist can develop, set-up, or deliver training at your facility for in-house response to chemical releases or incidents involving hazardous materials. In addition to assisting with the development of hearing conservation programs and hazard communication training, Courtice|Grason has performed safe load calculations for elevated platforms, evaluated toxic atmospheres in confined spaces, and has assessed ergonomic evaluations of repetitive tasks.

In Local Climates:
For complete project solutions, Courtice|Grason has the willingness to work with consultants and contractors to solve or reduce problems in the work place. On one occasion, we joined with a local mechanical contracting company to provide air quality services for their telecommunications client. Services were provided in connection with the renovation of an Information-Technology Clean Room and included the analysis of airborne mold, suspended particle sizing, and nuisance dust evaluations.

Regulatory Compliance and Consulting

Consistent client satisfaction is the key to Courtice|Grason's professional success. Whether you have one need or many, we provide turn-key consulting and regulatory permitting specific to your needs. Our consulting is not limited to traditional roles. We provide research-based asset recovery valuations, disposition analysis, decommissioning valuations, site specific specification writing, and facility closure designs and preparation planning.
  • Annual Emission Reporting
  • PTI-PTO Submittals
  • SPCC Plan Re-certification
  • RCRA Amendments
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Groundwater Investigations
  • Storm Water Sampling
  • Air, Water, Soil Sampling
  • Waste Stream Analysis
  • Drum Management
  • Scrap Management
  • Asset Recovery & Planning
Long Term Commitments:
Courtice|Grason is committed to placing technicians, project managers, or industrial hygienists on long term assignments. For one manufacturer, the firm placed an individual who analyzed plant-wide emissions for updating and segmenting various regulatory documents. The six month assignment involved the technical review and revision of various regulatory compliance documents and a plant-wide MSDS accountability of all chemicals and substances used in their manufacturing.

Quality Assurance:
Effective sampling strategies require planning and foresight to ensure a thorough evaluation of contaminants in the environment or workplace. All sampling, whether for occupational assessment or for characterizing a matrix, should proceed within the framework of a carefully thought-out and client-reviewed work plan. Work plans created by Courtice|Grason have clearly defined objectives and adhere to our highest standards of quality assurance. By following written procedures and using factory-calibrated equipment traceable to NIST Standards, we minimize sampling and analytical errors and maximize the confidence of our data.

Outsourced Services and Analytical Policies:
Never before has our society been impacted by the pace of new technology, or by the development of new standards and procedures. Courtice|Grason contracts all necessary analytical services for wastewater, groundwater, soil, and hazardous waste to pre-approved laboratories. We only use laboratories certified by the State Safe Drinking Water Act, and which have rigorous data quality programs that comply with federal, state, and municipal methods or procedures. Breathing zone samples collected from occupational exposure monitoring will only be sent to laboratories accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

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