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Indoor Air Quality


We are effective at investigating building-related illness complaints. We have experience in a variety of settings: residential, commercial, industrial, maintenance shops, industrial control rooms, and hotels. We understand the concerns of all stakeholders and can therefore provide sensible, yet comprehensive solutions aimed at maintaining building air quality during all stages of the building's life, including design, construction, use, renovation, and demolition. A good indoor air quality program increases productivity, reduces absenteeism, and minimizes potential future liability and costs.

Injury Prevention Solutions:

  • Indoor Air Quality Action Plans, outlining an on-going effort focused on preventing
  • IAQ concerns and complaints, and on maintaining good air quality economically
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  • Building Design Indoor Air Quality Reviews
  • Construction Plan Reviews and customized procedures for assuring IAQ
  • Mold Investigations and Prevention Plans
  • Communicable Illness Prevention Plans
Indoor Air Quality Experts with ability to investigate, test and correct IAQ Problems such as mold, bacteria, chemicals, allergens, asbestos, lead and Building Related Disease or Sick Building Syndrome. If employees or building occupants are complaining of poor air quality or increased illnesses as colds, flu, asthma, weakness, burning eyes, itching skin, rashes, sore throats, allergies, lethargy, or headaches, then there is a possibility this could be related to the building.

We can inspect buildings and HVAC systems for evidence of mold or bacteria that may be adversely affecting building occupants. Our services include air quality testing for mold and bacteria, including mycotoxins and endotoxins, thorough building inspections including air handlers, filters, ductwork, crawl spaces, attics, rooftops, air intakes, and exhausts. We can also identify molds and bacteria quantities. Our objective is to identify the problem and give specific actions needed to correct the situation. In many cases, we can correct the problem with the use of our remediation subcontractor, especially in the case of mold and bacteria contamination.

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