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Contractor Safety


Increasing the contractor-company health and safety relationship and communications of the site hazards and safety rules and procedures, through easy to read and understand contractor safety programs and orientation training.

Minimization of liability and incident prevention solutions:

The development of a Contractor Safety Program which will align the contractor company with the manufacturer's expectations pertaining to Health and Safety policy and waste consciousness. The program will include general guidelines that contractors should follow, who to reach for questions, what to do in an emergency, and what is expected of them. The program also includes a Contractor Prequalification Procedure which will eliminate the contractor companies that do not take the same values seriously.

The execution of third party audits and Prequalification assistance, with focus on the manufacturer's pre-qualification requirements for determining the present status of the contractor's programs and deciding the likelihood that manufacturer approval will be granted.

The development of comprehensive contractor orientation training programs and visitor programs. The Presentation format can be customized video or computer-based.

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