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Risk Assessment


Environmental Risk Assessment is a step in the Risk Management Process. Risk assessment involves measuring two quantities of the risk- the magnitude of the potential loss and the probability that the loss will occur. In the context of public health, risk assessment is the process of quantifying the probability of a harmful effect to individuals or populations from certain human activities or exposures.

The first step of the Risk Assessment process is Hazard Identification. Hazard Identification aims to determine the probability that an individual receiving a specific dose of the contaminant will develop an adverse effect. Toxicology databases will be utilized to evaluate each client's issues. The second step-Exposure Quantification aims to determine the amount of a contaminant (dose) that individuals and populations will receive. This is accomplished by performing Exposure Monitoring and evaluating previous monitoring studies.

Once these steps have been performed, an Estimate of Risk is determined. We utilize state of the art software and tools in evaluating the data obtained in our investigation to determine if a Risk is present, and if so, what risk there is.

Risk Assessment Evaluations are extremely effective in evaluating multiple types of exposures, such as Indoor Environmental Quality, Chemical Exposures, etc.

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