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We can help employers identify and resolve Ergonomics Issues. We can assist employers in the development and implementation of an Ergonomics Program to eliminate ergonomics problems from your workplace.

Our team follows a multi-step process for evaluating and addressing ergonomics and musculoskeletal concerns in your workplace.

These steps include:

  • Looking for signs of musculoskeletal problems such as frequent worker complaints or job tasks that require repetitive forceful exertions.
  • Developing management commitment in addressing possible problems and encouraging worker involvement in problem-solving activities.
  • Providing training in identification of musculo-skeletal problems.
  • Gathering data to identify jobs or work conditions that are most problematic.
  • Identifying effective controls for tasks that pose a risk of musculoskeletal injury and evaluating these controls once they have been instituted to see if they have reduced or eliminated the problem.
  • Establishing health care management to emphasize the importance of early detection and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Minimizing risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders when planning new work processes and operations.

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